Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Office

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If you work from home, including a home office in your new build will give you the space you need to get things done. However, you probably want more than office space. You deserve an office that inspires you. 

The good news is it doesn’t take much to create the perfect home office. With a bit of forethought and the right materials, you’ll have a space that allows you to get your work done more effectively.

Think About Your Needs

People need different things in their office. While one person might only need a small desk for a laptop, someone else might need space for a computer system with multiple monitors or a lot of space to spread papers out. Some people store all of their files on a computer, while others might need an extensive filing system for paper records. These differences can dictate the type of space you need for your office.

Look at various floor plans, and pay attention to the size of the extra rooms that can serve as your office. Is the space big enough for your needs? Will you have a quiet space to work? Remember that little things will make a big difference.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Office Work Enjoyment ImageMake It Comfortable

You’re probably going to spend a lot of time in your home office, so make sure that it is as comfortable as possible. An ergonomic chair, for instance, will position your body correctly so that you don’t hurt yourself while working. If some of your work involves reading or sitting with a notebook, you might create a separate sitting area with a love seat or a comfortable chair. These days, many people even like using standing desks to avoid spending too much time sitting in a chair. You can purchase an adjustable desk that allows you to sit or stand.

Incorporate Inspiring Elements

Your home office doesn’t need to be only functional. Bring in some things that make you feel inspired. For example, you might create a dream board that has pictures of all of the things you want to achieve in your life. A poster or sign with an inspirational phrase could be a nice touch.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Office Modern ImageKeep Things Organized

An organized workspace will help you stay focused. Boxes are a tried and true way to keep things organized. If you select ones that are just the right size for your things, you won’t waste any space. You can place these boxes on shelves. Built-in shelves are a great choice for home offices, but you can also just purchase small or large shelves that fit the space. 

In your desk drawers, drawer organizers can create small spaces for pencils or paperclips. Adjustable ones allow you to completely use up all of the space in a way that works for your things. 

Hide Your Cords

Cords charge and connect your devices, so they’re a necessity, but they can also be a bit of an eyesore. If you want to have a stylish home office, look for ways to hide these cords. It could be attaching them to the underside of the desk, using twist-ties, or purchasing special cord organizers. It’s a quick and inexpensive way to keep things tidy.

Give Yourself Some Privacy

One of the most difficult parts of working from home is never feeling like you have the privacy you really need. One way to fix this problem is to choose a floor plan that has a door for the room you’re going to use as an office. Some “flex rooms” are designed as part of an open-concept floor plan and a flexible builder will be happy to add a door for you. You’ll appreciate being able to close it when the kids are playing in the other room. 

Other people find privacy by placing the home office away from the main living area. This works just as well.

Vary the Lighting

Lighting can have a surprising effect on productivity, so you want to make sure that you have the right type of lighting in your home office. An overhead light might be all you need if the light is bright enough. Desk lamps and other separate task lights help you create different moods depending on the type of work you have to do.

Of course, the best home office is one that’s been personalized to meet your needs. When you plan your office to suit your work habits and lifestyle, you can’t go wrong!{{cta(’16bab9fc-a368-4e06-9226-c6e0d7f29b9c’,’justifycenter’)}}

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