9 Reasons to Love Having a Home in Canada

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As we reflect on our rich history this upcoming Canada Day, we see what a truly great country we live in. From coast to coast, Canada is full of diversity, beautiful scenery, and kind-hearted people that are happy to call our nation home.  

Since we love homes and we love Canada, we thought we’d celebrate by mentioning all the great reasons to love having a home in the true north, strong and free.

1. Help for Newcomers 

Canada is an extremely friendly country. You see that out and about when people naturally smile as they walk by! You also see it in the help new residents can get from the government. On their website, you can walk a variety of topics including resources for learning English, buying your first home, and becoming a Canadian citizen. 

2. Tax Credits for Homeowners 

Homeowners in Canada can benefit from a wide variety of programs to help them buy a home. They can borrow from their RRSPs for a down payment, and new homeowners get a tax credit. You can even get rebates for making certain changes to your home (more on that in a minute). Check out the government’s website for more details. 

3. Great Health and Life Expectancy 

Canada has a publicly-funded healthcare system that allows everyone to access the care they need. People also have the option of buying additional insurance. Perhaps this is one of the reasons Canada makes the list of top 20 countries with the highest life expectancy. 

4. Energy-Efficient New Homes 

Builders in Canada are working hard to incorporate the latest energy-saving materials into their homes. This means better appliances, better materials, and better building techniques.

Canadians living in older homes are also eligible for certain rebates when it comes to improving energy-efficiency. 

9 Reasons to Love Having a Home in Canada Homes Image5. Complete Communities 

Across Canada, governments, builders, and residents are all working together to create “complete communities.” Essentially, this means they try to build communities that have everything a person could need. This includes services and amenities like playgrounds, shopping centres and other essentials. Some areas are more developed than others, but there’s a focused effort toward reaching this goal. 

6. Diverse Housing Options 

Canadians have a variety of housing choices – apartments, condos, townhomes, and single-family detached homes. New homes are built to the latest designs and building standards. No matter what style of new home you prefer, you’re guaranteed a safe and happy place to watch your family grow. 

7. Beautiful Scenery 

While we do have a large number of bustling cities, we also have vast areas of land preserved exclusively for wildlife and many national parks. You don’t have to go far to see waterfalls, cliffs, rivers, and evergreen trees, along with all of the wildlife that call these areas their home.

Even within densely populated areas, you’ll still find a fair amount of green space to help you feel connected with nature. Take a look at Langdale in Windermere, with its urban forest and the 7.4-acre lake as an example!

8. Mixing Cultures 

Canada is proud to be the type of country that attracts people from all over the world. There are official policies that support multiculturalism, but you can also see the diverse population represented in all forms of entertainment. 

9. Many Languages 

With the diverse mix of new Canadians, you can expect to find a number of languages spoken in Canada. With French being the second official language almost every neighbourhood has a nearby French immersion school. You’ll also find schooling options specific to nearly every language and religion imaginable.  If raising multilingual children is important to you, it isn’t hard to do. 

We know you love living in Canada as much as everyone else, but what makes Canada really special is you. Keep doing everything you do to make Canada such a great place to live.


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