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Charles “Cy” Becker was a wartime flying ace and one of Alberta’s first bush pilots, making air mail deliveries to remote northern towns. The community’s proud aviation heritage is seen in its logo, which represents an airplane’s propeller rotating over its wings. For today’s families, Cy Becker’s modern design features the impressive All Seasons Park, with scenic paths, ponds and play spaces.

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All Seasons Park

Edmonton’s newest splash park is one of the All Seasons Park’s many features. Here, families can cool down on hot summer days playing among the many spouts, sprays and water features.

The All Seasons Park also includes a large playground built on a large rubber surface to ensure safety for the kids. A picnic area provides more summer fun, as well as a promenade that transforms into a skating rink, and a toboggan hill to be enjoyed in the winter. The All Seasons Park is not the only park in the community, with a smaller pocket playground located to the south.

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