6 Things to NOT Do After Moving Into Your New Home

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It’s not hard to find advice on all the things you need to do when you’re looking for a new home, or what you should be doing after you move in, but what about all the things you shouldn’t do? If you’re not careful, these mistakes could cause a lot of added stress or, even worse, a lot of money further down the road. 

With that in mind, here are a few things to NOT do once you’ve moved into your new home: 

1. Change the Landscaping 

When they finished up your home, the builder and landscaper worked hard to arrange the soil around your home. That might sound a little odd, but things have to be sloped at just the right angle to keep water away from the foundation of your home. If you add something like a pathway or even some flowers, it could disrupt the flow. You can make changes eventually, but talk to a professional before you change anything that’s close to the perimeter of your home. 

Things to NOT Do When Moving Into Your New Home Shocked Man Foam Image2. Buy New Cleaning Supplies 

In your squeaky clean new home, you have the chance to start fresh. Naturally, you want to buy all the cleaning supplies you’ll need to keep everything tidy. However, many of the materials in your home can be damaged by certain types of cleaners – even natural ones like baking soda and vinegar. Before you shop for new supplies, check the maintenance information in the manuals and buy only the recommended cleaners. 


3. Forget About Your Maintenance Binder 

When you move in, the builder will likely give you a big binder that contains all of the information about your new home (otherwise it’s recommended you make one to store these important documents). This typically includes information about the maintenance schedule for your appliances and other materials in the home. You won’t have to replace these things any time soon, but most will require annual maintenance to stay in good condition. Skipping required maintenance could void your new home warranty and/or cause major problems later on. 

Things to NOT Do When Moving Into Your New Home Woman Cardboard Boxes Image4. Go on a Shopping Spree 

You probably have so many decorating ideas for your new home, you might consider hitting the home goods stores before you’ve even unpacked. It’s really better to wait a month or two before you do this. Waiting allows you to get a better feel for your home and how you’ll use it. During this time period, you may realize that you need something completely different than what you had first thought. You may also want to take the time to build up your savings.

5. Be Careless When Moving Heavy Furniture 

Your floors should be sturdy enough to resist everyday wear and tear, but they may not be able to withstand damage caused by carelessly moving heavy furniture. As you move heavy objects, be sure to pick them up rather than try to slide them across the floor. Wait for help if you need it to ensure you don’t drop anything. You’re excited about moving into a home that’s perfect, and the last thing you want to do is scratch the floors or walls the day you move in. 

6. Avoid the Neighbours 

In a new community, you’ll probably have the same neighbours for many years to come. It’s hard for many people to get up the courage to introduce themselves to someone new, but it’s important to make an effort. Try to catch their eye and smile when you see them outside. Go over and ring their doorbell. You don’t have to stay for the afternoon, but a quick introduction can ease tension and make your life easier. They may even have kids for yours to play with. 

Moving can be stressful, and you don’t want to make things worse for yourself. By avoiding these common mistakes, you should be setting yourself up for a comfortable start in your new home.{{cta(‘bc13fff9-06a5-4a00-840e-e1dc7bad40a3′,’justifycenter’)}}

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