Home Styles You’ll Find in Qualico Communities

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At Qualico, we know how important it is for families to find a home and community that’s right for them. We pride ourselves in developing communities that meet the needs of today’s families. This includes things like walking trails, playgrounds, and other ways for neighbours to connect.

While most of our communities feature a few different builders, we always develop guidelines to create a certain look within the neighbourhood. The great news is that you can find almost every style of home in a Qualico community.

Learn more about the different types to find one that’s right for you!


Condos are a unique type of home because the homeowner only owns the actual home, not the land that it sits on. Anything outside of the condo is community property.  Most of the time, several condo units are in a single building, like an apartment building. Residents are responsible for paying condo fees, but these fees cover things like landscaping, snow removal, repairs and updates to shared property.

Condos tend to be smaller than other types of homes, but you can still get something that has the space and the features you need. With the lower cost and lack of exterior maintenance, new condos tend to appeal to young professionals and retirees wanting to downsize.

Home Styles You’ll Find in Qualico Communities Townhomes ImageTownhomes

Townhomes are generally four or five units built together in a row. Each townhome shares at least one wall with the neighbouring townhome, and some will share two walls. 

They tend to have a tidy look to the front of the home, and most are either two or three-storeys, where one floor is the living area and the other consists of the bedrooms. Many also have an attached garage.

Townhomes tend to be around 1,200 to 1,600 square feet, so they have the space you need, but aren’t overwhelmingly large. Prices tend to be more affordable because they share the cost of the exterior materials with the neighbours. They also tend to be popular with young families looking for their first home and retired couples who want something more house-like than a condo without a lot of exterior maintenance.

Duplex Homes

Duplex homes are two homes attached by one wall. From the outside, they often look like a single, large house. In the past, duplex homes tended to have one home on the lower level and one on the upper. These days, they are usually built as two-story homes attached at the side. 

From the inside, a duplex home usually looks exactly like you’d expect a two-storey home to look like: a basement, an open-concept main floor, and bedrooms upstairs. They typically have around 1,500 square feet, and many people choose to increase the square footage by finishing the basement.

These lovely homes are a great choice for families looking for a home with an affordable price tag.


Bungalows are single-story homes. Most have an attached garage and a layout that features the living area on one side of the home and the bedrooms on the other. They come in a range of sizes, so you don’t have to worry that it’s small just because there’s only one floor. In many cases, you can also finish the basement if you want a bit more space.

Retirees and those with mobility issues especially love bungalows because they won’t have to worry about going up and down stairs on a regular basis. 

Home Styles You’ll Find in Qualico Communities Laned Homes ImagesLaned Homes

Laned homes are typically two-storey homes with a detached garage in the back. Many people prefer this style because it has that quintessential picket fence look to the front of the home – some also prefer to have the garage removed from the home. 

Smaller laned homes may have just the basics, but larger ones will have bonus rooms that you can use to suit your needs. This makes them perfect for first-time buyers and families alike. Since there’s quite a bit of variety with respect to the inside of the home, it’s easy to find one that has what you need.

Front-Attached Homes

Front-attached homes are one of the most popular choices. They have a garage attached to the front of the home. In some cases, the garage dominates the look of the exterior. In other cases, it’s been designed to blend in more. 

Most front-attached homes have a main entryway and an entryway from the garage that leads into a mudroom. 

Families are attracted to front-attached homes because they offer a lot of space and convenience. In the winter, you can easily get the kids into a warm car without worrying about putting on hats and jackets (which they can’t wear in the car seats anyway). 

As you can see, you won’t have to compromise when you choose a Qualico community. With so many builders and amazing models to choose from in each and every neighbourhood we call our own, you can truly find the home that’s right for you!


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