Edmonton Schools: Your Options in 8 New Communities

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When you go shopping for a new home in Edmonton, educational options always play a role in your decisions. Even if you don’t currently have children, you never know what the future might bring.

Children aside, educational resources nearby can also greatly affect the value of your home; meaning new schools under construction in your neighbourhood is always good news. That being said, there’s a lot of “good news” building in and around our Edmonton communities, with new schools going up at a terrific pace. To give you some further insight as to which neighbourhoods will host these new amenities, take a peek at our list below:

Crimson in Creekwood Chappelle

This beautiful community located in southwest Edmonton offers a wide range of homes, making it a popular choice for families. With plenty of great amenities nearby and quick access to major traffic routes, it’s easy to see why this neighbourhood is booming.

The Donald R. Getty School is a kindergarten to grade 9 public school, offering an inclusive learning space, and they partner with Discovery Out of School Care to make it easier option for working parents.

If you’d like a Catholic school option, St. Thomas Aquinas is close by, which is another kindergarten to grade nine school. The mission and vision of this school is to help their students grow – academically, socially, spiritually – and live their life with purpose.

The current designated high school for this area is Harry Ainlay School. In the public system, this school offers a French Immersion program, along with a variety of other programs. Students can join the student council or take their pick from over 45 different activities and clubs offered at this high school.

Cy Becker

The master-planned community of Cy Becker in northeast Edmonton is built for active families. The All Season Park offers something for everyone, from a skating rink, to a modern playground, to the amazing spray park.

There are three designated public schools for this neighbourhood. The first is Steele Heights School, which offers a variety of special programs and focuses on the Triple A’s – Academics, Athletics, and Arts. Secondly, there’s M.E. Lazerte High School, which runs from grades 10 -12 and aims to create a fun, caring, open-minded, conscientious, thoughtful and empathetic learning environment with a bilingual Mandarin program. And lastly, Belvedere School, an elementary that covers kindergarten to grade 6 and offers a full-day kindergarten program, along with regular programs.

There are also several Catholic School options, including Christ the King Elementary/Junior High School which goes from kindergarten to grade 9. On top of regular programs, this school offers the 100 Voices program. St. John Bosco Catholic Elementary School is a great option if your kids are in kindergarten through to grade 6. This school has a ton to offer including multiple technology options, a junior ATB financial literacy program, French as a second language, and more. Finally, Bishop Greschuk Catholic Elementary School is another kindergarten to grade 6 school, with a huge list of programs. French as a second language is offered from grades 4 to 6, there’s an after-school coding club and a ton more!


This is a brand-new community in west Edmonton, on the corner of Lessard Road and 199 Street. Homebuyers have a variety of home options here makes it easy to find the home of your dreams.

For public school options, families here have Bessie Nichols School, which goes from kindergarten to grade 9 and offers regular programs and French as a second language from grades 4 to 9. There is also Kim Hung School, which goes from kindergarten to grade 8. Named for a strong advocate of Edmonton’s Chinese community, this school is a “compassionate, courageous community who laughs, leads and learns together!”

There are two Catholic schools close to this community. Good Shepherd Elementary School, is a kindergarten to grade 6 school that has a wide diversity of programs like French as a second language, early literacy intervention, and many more, along with plenty of resources for their students. Another option is Our Lady of the Prairies Catholic Elementary which also runs from kindergarten to grade 6. Here, there is both a full-day kindergarten program and a French immersion program.

Langdale in Windermere

The old-English design of this master-planned community makes Langdale a joy for all of its residents. The cobblestone paths and urban forest gives the community an elegant feel.

The new Constable Daniel Woodall School offers classes for kindergarten to grade 6 and is named after a brave EPS officer who was killed in the line of duty. The focus for students here is academic success while honouring cultural diversity.  There is also Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School, kindergarten to grade 9, named after a chemist from the University of Alberta. Along with regular programs, this school offers Interactions programming for children on the autism spectrum.

There are a few other options for public schools for the residents of Langdale, including Lillian Osborne High School, which is for grade 10 -12 students and Riverbend Junior High, which is the designated 7 – 9 school.

For Catholic school options, St. John XXIII Elementary & Junior High School has a full French immersion program and runs from kindergarten to grade 9, Monsignor William Irwin Catholic Elementary School is a kindergarten to grade 6 school which also offers a French immersion program along with the regular program, Mother Margaret Mary High School is for older students (grades 10 – 12) with an advanced placement program and student-directed flex classes, and Archbishop Joseph MacNeil school is another Catholic school with the 100 Voices program. The range for this school is kindergarten to grade 9, and there is an enhanced academic program as well as an out of school care program.

Laurel Crossing

On the southeast side of Edmonton, the community of Laurel Crossing is continuing to grow. The great location makes it a top choice for families.

The designated public school for this neighbourhood is Svend Hansen School, an elementary/junior high school running from kindergarten to grade 9. With various clubs, activities, and leadership programs, students have ample opportunities to grow and flourish.

The nearest Catholic school is Holy Family Catholic Elementary & Junior High School, which has the 100 Voices program, along with French as a second language and various service and extracurricular programs.   


The Newcastle community was designed with balance in mind – affordability mixed with quality and convenience. Many families have chosen to build their castle in Newcastle.

When it comes to the public school system, families have a range of choices including Baturyn School which is a designated elementary school that goes from kindergarten to grade 6, and is a part of the special education needs program, along with regular programs. There’s also Mary Butterworth School, running from grade 7 – 9. This designated junior high school offers a pre-advanced placement program with an academically enriched curriculum, alongside regular programs. Elizabeth Finch School is a kindergarten to grade 9 program, offering high-quality learning opportunities and honouring individuality, and Lorelei School, an elementary school which goes from kindergarten to grade 6 and offers a mixture of programs alongside regular programming, including the Opportunity and Interactions programs.

For Catholic school options, you also have St. Lucy Elementary School, which is for students from kindergarten to grade 6 and offers French as a second language for those in grades 4 – 6, and a range of extracurricular activities for their students. Additionally, Ecole Bishop Savaryn Catholic Elementary offers the kindergarten to grade 6 students a French Immersion program, Inclusive Education programs for special needs, and much more.

http://blog.qualicocommunitiesedmonton.com/blog Blair McPherson ImageTamarack Common

One of the most popular communities in southeast Edmonton, Tamarack Common has everything a family could need, along with a large selection of home styles to choose from.

When it comes to public schooling, you have choices. Velma E. Baker gives its kindergarten to grade 6 students a Levelled Literacy Intervention program and their Leader in Me program, along with the regular program. A. Blair McPherson School takes in kindergarten from grade 9 students offering them a variety of options like band, art, construction, and more.

In the Catholic system, you can choose from Mary Hanley Catholic Elementary School and Father Michael Troy Catholic Junior High School. At Mary Hanley, students take French as a second language, skiing and/or swimming lessons, and can choose from a multitude of student service opportunities. At Father Michael Troy, there is a Christian Service program, French as a second language, a strong athletics program and much more.

http://blog.qualicocommunitiesedmonton.com/blog Oscar Romero ImageThe Uplands at Riverview

Out in west Edmonton is where you’ll find Uplands, a thoughtfully planned community that balances the best of both worlds; lovely tree-lined ravines and all the amenities a family could want.

If you want to check out your public school options, you can start with Centennial Elementary School, a kindergarten to grade 6 school. Centennial offers their students a large selection of clubs like choir, intramurals, photography, and more. For junior high, children can head over to S. Bruce Smith School for grades 7 to 9. Along with regular programming, students have the opportunity to take complementary courses to explore a variety of interests, a work-study option for grade 9 students, computer studies, and others. For the final part of their education, students have Jasper Place School for grades 10 to 12. With a huge selection of alternative options in addition to regular programs, including forensic science, yoga, fashion studies, and an Advanced Placement program.

There are three options for the Catholic school system for you as well. First up is Good Shepherd Elementary School taking in kids from kindergarten to grade 6. This school offers the 100 Voices program and French as a second language, along with regular programs and other options. For grades 7 to 9, H.E. Beriault Catholic Junior High School is a school that has a strong athletics focus and an Enhanced Academic program. Finally,

Blessed Oscar Romero Catholic High School will take care of your kids for grades 10 to 12 and offers an Advanced Placement program, a Dual credit program and more, to go with their regular program.

Finding the Right School for You

The schools we’ve talked about here are not your only options. You can take a look online for other options in both the public and Catholic systems.

The Edmonton Public School District has a useful online tool to help you find nearby schools. The Edmonton Catholic School District also has their own online tool, if you want to check out those options.  

Make sure to check back next month, where we’re going to showcase schools from bedroom communities like Spruce Grove, Fort Saskatchewan, and more!

* please note: you need to check with each school to ensure if you are located within their district. Boundaries are continuing to change. The information here is considered accurate at the time of posting.

Originally posted April 12, 2016, updated February 15, 2019.


Photo credits: Oscar Romero School
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