5 Interior Design Trends for Fall 2019

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This Fall update the look of your home with these happening new trends in the world of interior design. Skim through our list and you’ll notice a couple stunning themes: darker colours and a step away from minimalism.

After mid-century modern and the associated less-is-more attitude of the last couple years (did you Marie Kondo your closet, too?) people must be getting tired of looking at empty rooms.

Bold patterns, colourful art, and loud back splashes are making their way onto the scene.

Looks like Fall of 2019 is your chance to be bold and express yourself.

Black Kitchens

This season, we’re seeing trends move away from the clean whites and modern stainless steel looks that have dominated kitchen design for years. Instead, black is in, and it’s creating some powerfully bold spaces.

You’ll notice this trend coming to play in the cabinetry and appliances of kitchen spaces. Dark woods can provide an exciting contrast to an otherwise clean kitchen, and is especially prominent when placed next to white back splashes or counter tops.


Pantone’s Galaxy Blue and Evening Blue are the perfect colours for creating a cozy space during the chilly months of autumn and winter. The colours are rich, and can manifest tranquility in a bedroom, living area, or office.

Try incorporating the colour through highlights in throw pillows, drapes, or a cozy armchair.

Natural Textures and Materials

Wools, linen, and cotton are in, and they’re a great way to add warmth and comfort to your Fall spaces. These come at a time when there’s also a renewed interest in enhancing our interior space’s relationship with nature.

Finding ways to incorporate organic materials like wood, stone, and plant life allow us to remain conscious of the world around us.

In sync with this trend is the departure of industrial materials.

The metals, concretes, and harsh surfaces usually reserved for the outdoors are being kicked back to the curb.

Bring on the cozy!


Light wood floors and rich wood countertops are making their way into the home.

Hardwood floors made from birches and light oaks can bring added comfort to a space without losing the elegance that comes from hardwood.

In the kitchen, dark and rich wood countertops are starting to take the place of granite and quartz. Once again, we’re seeing a movement to materials with more texture and warmth, something these cold stones can’t provide.

Bold Patterns

Floral patterns, imagery of palms, and other heavy wallpaper patterns are being used to bring bright and wild colors into spaces. This is in line with a general design trend in 2019 that is seeing spaces adopt a much louder aesthetic than the minimalist aesthetic that has been so popular of late.

This trend comes with a word of caution, however. While it might be in style right now, there’s a reason that bold patterns like these go out of style: they can be a lot to deal with in your everyday spaces.

If you want something timeless, stick with a simpler approach to you patterns. But, if you want to stay current with the trends, this is your year to go bold!

Now, Start Designing!

Take these trends as your inspiration and get out there to refresh the look of your home. Taking things one room at a time is a great way to add some new life to your living spaces.

Plus, you don’t have to go all out to incorporate some of these trends. Look for ways that a piece of accent furniture, a new lamp, or a coat of paint might be able to completely reinvigorate your living space.

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