New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

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New Year new you, right? But what about your home? Why not show your abode some love as we launch into the 2020’s and send some resolutions its way. After all, it is where you spend so much of your time.

Plus, a well looked after home means more time and less stress for you, giving you more headspace to look after your own resolutions, like finally getting caught up on that long list of Netflix you want to get through.

This year, let’s make it simple: build a schedule, get your home organized, and get proactive.

Under these three themes, you’ll be able to turn your home into the well-oiled (but oh-so-cozy) machine you’ve always wanted it to be.

Resolution #1: Make a schedule

Your home is never going to become the place of domestic bliss you’re hoping for without some planning and foresight. That’s where a schedule comes in.

January is the perfect time to look at what needs to be done around your home on a seasonal and a monthly basis. When you have all of your tasks mapped out you can stay ahead of the work and won’t end up feeling overwhelmed when the chores start mounting.

Breaking things down into monthly and seasonal tasks is a great way to start

Monthly examples

  • Check your furnace filter
  • Clean your faucet aerators and remove mineral deposits
  • Test you smoke alarms
  • Clean your garbage disposal

Make sure your air intakes aren’t blocked

Seasonal examples

  • Pre-book HVAC cleaning for furnace and or air conditioning units ahead of time
  • Inspect shingles and eavestroughs
  • Vacuum out drier lint
  • Clean drains
  • Clean and inspect your gas fireplace

Inspect and repair weather stripping

These are just a few ideas, but you can add your own specific needs to your schedule. Add these items in your calendar and determine which activities need to be completed in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

Resolution #2: Keep your home organized

An organized home is a treat to live in. Everything is where it should be and nothing feels cluttered. But, all too often getting to this Zen state of living feels like an impossibility. Things keep piling up where they shouldn’t and areas that are meant to keep things organized quickly turn into the most cluttered spaces.

Investing in simple storage solutions is a good place to start. Fill your open shelves with wicker baskets or canvas boxes to allow you to keep your items compartmentalized. You can pull out what you need, when you need it, and keep everything else tucked away.

Of course, storage solutions will only go so far. The best way to organize is to eliminate that which is unnecessary. You could use any number of criteria to decide what you should keep and what needs to go.

While Marie Kondo might suggest the item should spark some joy, you might also decide on a timeline. For example, if you haven’t used that fondue set in over a year, maybe it doesn’t need to be taking up room in your kitchen cabinets. If you haven’t read any of those magazines in the last 12 months, maybe they don’t need to be on your shelf any longer.

You get the idea! Clear things out so you have more space for the things that matter.

Resolution #3: Be proactive with maintenance

One of the best things you can do for you home is take care of things before they have a chance to become problems. Preventative maintenance is much less expensive than the repair bills associated with something breaking down. So, even though you might subscribe to the philosophy of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” remember that if you don’t maintain it, it will break!

Prevent water damage

The caulking around your tub, shower, and sinks are important to keep intact. While the cost of a tube of caulking is negligible, the price of repairing water damage that’s crept into your walls and floor can be substantial!

Take care of your roof

Your roof isn’t the kind of thing that’s easy to get a good look at, and as a result we can easily neglect it. But, making sure your shingles, your eavestroughs, and your downspouts are in good working order can prevent leaks at every level of you home.

Your garage door shouldn’t creak

When was the last time you had your garage door serviced? This isn’t the kind of job you should take on by yourself, either. With the high tension in the springs and cables of your garage door, a mishap could easily damage your vehicles or injure yourself. But, keeping your door in good working order will extend its life and keep it running smooth.

Your hot water heater won’t last forever

Hot water heaters last 7-10 years, but waiting for them to reach their final days on their own can be costly—especially if you have a finished basement! If your hot water heater breaks down and leaks, you could face significant flooding. Instead, have a plumber come and do an annual inspection of your home, letting you know when it’s time to invest in a new one.

Happy New Year

With the 2020’s upon us, now is the perfect time to invest some time and energy into keeping your home in tip top shape. With a little forethought, some planning, and some dedication, your home can have the best year of its life.

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