How to create a gallery wall to celebrate your sweethearts this Valentine’s day

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Bring your digital photos to life this Valentine’s Day!

This Valentines Day, show your home a little love by taking your priceless memories off your phone and computer and moving them out into the world. That’s right, we’re talking about printing your pictures! With all the incredible image hardware and software packed into today’s smartphones, everyone has a high-quality digital camera sitting in their pockets at all times. But, as megapixels, colour science, and image quality all keep going up, we’re still only enjoying these digital masterpieces on the small screens of our phones!

There are so many great ways to print your photos these days that there’s hardly an excuse not to. You can upload your images to a website and have the prints delivered or you can play around in certain programs to develop stunning photo books that make great keepsakes, coffee table books, and gifts.

So, this Valentine’s Day, get together with your sweetheart, your kids, your parents, or anyone else you want to share some time with, and start going through your online albums to pick out the gems you’ve captured over the years. Then, publish them in one or more of the following ways.

Canvas, Acrylic, and Metal

Nothing makes your photography look more legit than having a large print of it hanging on your wall. There are so many online printing providers these days!

  • Choose a canvas print for a true gallery feel, making your photograph look like the art it was intended to be.
  • Have your images mounted behind an acrylic glass panel when you’re looking for a more sophisticated application.
  • Or go with a metal print to bring out all the rich details of your photograph on a uniquely sturdy panel.

Any of these options will go a long way in helping you, and your guests, truly appreciate the moments you have captured on your phone.

Make a Gallery Wall

With so many photos to choose from, it can be hard to figure out which ones to print. But that’s the beauty of a gallery wall! Instead of deciding on only one or two photos to print large, you can print several and organize them together either by theme or without any real pattern at all.

Gallery walls are a great way to showcase a selection of images from a recent trip, a year in review, or to provide a snapshot of your fam jam’s best smiles. You can frame your photos all in the same colour, like a sleek black or a bold red, or you can cobble together frames of a variety of colours and styles for a more eclectic look.

The nice thing about a gallery wall is that you can always build on it, swap out the photos as the years go on, or just leave it up and start a new one in a different room. Whatever you choose, it’s a great way to get those memories on your wall.

Photo Books

Photo Books are all the rage these days, and there are several providers trying to make it as easy as possible for you to turn your favourite memories into your most talked about coffee table book.

There are loads of easy options to make a photo book straight from your phone, whether you have an Apple or Android device. Most of these will give you the simple option to put a single image per page, allowing you to play around with the cropping and the alignment of the image.

But, if you have a little more design prowess, there are more involved options out there. These photo books allow you to amp up your creativity by taking full control of your layout, adding text throughout the book, and doing everything that the scrapbookers of the past might have tried to do with a pair of scissors and a glue stick.

Photo books are an incredible way to bring your photos to life, and they’re a lot more fun to flip through than your phone’s image gallery.

Other odds and ends

If the standard printed photograph doesn’t get you excited, don’t worry. You can print your pictures on just about anything these days. Pillows, coffee cups, calendars, shirts, phone cases, mousepads, and even towels.

It doesn’t matter where you print them, just do it! Get those memories out of your phone and into the world.

This Valentine’s Day, we think it would be amazing to see couples from all over sit down, go through their favourite memories together, and turn them into a brand new 2020 Valentine’s photo book, gallery wall, or stunning canvas.

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